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Hello & a warm welcome to the new Preston Metal Detecting Group website for members and non-members alike. As with all hobbies, metal detecting is growing in popularity and new detectorists are looking for something to keep them fit, healthy and occupied when they have nothing to do but sit around all day.

Yes, it's hard work wallking up and down fields and digging, you have the pleasure of making new friends or just detecting on your own. Detecting is not about making profit from your finds, it's discovering lost history like artefacts and coins, maybe even discovering a roman settlement through your finds or a battlefield.

Some fields look more promising than others depending on their location. If you research your land and activity in the area you get to know which fields are likely to have good finds. For instance, a farm was once a hall in the 12 and 13th centuries, it had been demolished and rebuilt twice in it's lifetime. Finds  were roman, medieval, civil war and modern. So you see, that was some history from the roman era that wasn't known about if I hadn't found a spindle whorl that was identified as roman. Always expect the unexpected when detecting !!

Our history goes back thousands of years, what will you discover?

Could you find something that will re-write our history books? Everything is possible, new hoards or types of rare coins are discovered almost yearly.
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