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Abbey Shakoor - Founder of the PMDG
A tribute to Abbey
I remember back in the late 80's and early 90's when I was taxi driving, one day I had a phonecall from either Abbey or Sue and was asked if I could cover a job for them. We became very close and good friends, as the years rolled on by I told Abbey about my hobby of metal detecting. Abbey had told me he had tried before but lost interest due to working long hard hours. One day I suggested that Abbey might like to come out and try a bit of detecting again, and hence our love of detecting started to grow and eventually Abbey had the idea of starting a detecting club called the PMDG (Preston Metal Detecting Group est. 1996). We had both originally been members of the Preston Metal Detecting Club which had decided to close for good.
From that day on the PMDG was reality and gradually started making a good name for itself. On the 29th of September 2015 after some ill health Abbey sadly passed away in hospital.  He is sadly missed but not forgotten. He will always be in our hearts, minds and memories. Abbey donated money to the Baby Beat Appeal and the North West Air Ambulance which he raised through his rallies. Abbey's club goes forward, continuing to donate to his charities in his and Sue's name.

Scott PMDG Organizer
When Abbey sadly passed away, our new club owner / organiser Scott decided to take over the club and run it as a tribute to Abbey for all the hard work he had put in for the enjoyment of club members and the charities that we still donate to.

Scott works hard to obtain land permissions for us to hold rallies. Land permissions are hard to obtain and at best are limited to certain times of the year for detecting on due to sowing crops etc. All members and guests thank Scott for his hard work and appreciate the effort he puts in himself and at his own expense.
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