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Covid 19 Update England Scotland & Wales 9-7-20
9th July 2020

Larger digs are now allowed in England

Digs for up to 30 people were permitted from the 4th July. Today the DCMS have confirmed that businesses and charitable trusts (amongst others) may run events for more than 30 people.

The key points are that:

Event organisers should ensure that the regulations allow for their kind of event. We are not qualified to provide legal advice, seeking that is the responsibility of event organisers.
Event organisers need to take reasonable steps to mitigate the risk of transmission, in line with COVID-19 Secure guidance and including completion of a risk assessment.
Those running events following COVID-19 Secure guidelines should take additional steps to ensure the safety of the public and prevent large gatherings or mass events from taking place.
Event organisers should assist with NHS TES and Trace by keeping a temporary record of your staff, customers and visitors for 21 days, in a way that is manageable
However please note that this still means that anyone running digs who are not a registered business may still restricted by law to 30 people (including support staff). We will seek legal advice for club events and issue guidance when we have it. However please note we do not represent commercial dig organisers and they should seek their own legal counsel if they are unsure of the law.

We strongly urge every event organiser to comply fully with these rules and procedures. New regulations allow for on the spot fines and/ or prosecution if they are found to be in breach of the regulations.

The regulations and guidance notes are in the accompanying notice. Please read them fully and carefully if you are a dig organiser.

Finally, we urge you to please protect our hobby’s reputation and be responsible in organising events, and avoid attending illegal digs at this time.

Separately please post this too with links:

Event guidance and regulations for organisers of metal detecting events

Full guidance:

SCOTLAND – an update

Scotland’s First Minister today announced that as from the 10th July, that Scotland has moved to Phase 3 in the Covid 19 route map. This means:

5 households can legally meet up outdoors as long as the total number of people does not exceed 15 and the social distancing rules are observed.
Live events (outdoors) – with physical distancing and restricted numbers are still not permitted. These will not be allowed before 31 July  and a date has not yet been set for when they will resume. Note: this broad category is under review to determine which types of events are safe to resume slightly earlier.
For detecting, this means digs of no more than 15 people, from a maximum of 5 households, can take place from the 10th July . The Scottish Government believes the situation is not yet safe enough for larger groups to meet across a range of outdoor activities, including metal detecting.

We have had a few enquiries about detecting in Wales today. This message is a short update. A review of current lockdown measures were discussed by the Welsh Government’s Council on Thursday 9 July. Announcements on any changes to current restrictions are expected at the daily press conference on Friday 10 July.
We will update you if any changes are made that impact our hobby.

Clive Coleman
NCMD Chairman
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