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UPDATED ADVICE FOR DETECTING IN ENGLAND (valid ‪from Thursday 5 November‬)
Following careful consideration of the Government guidance published last night and today on the new proposed national lockdown in England (‪from Thursday 5 November to Wednesday 2 December 2020‬) we are able to provide further advice for our members. Please note this guidance may be subject to change if the details in the regulations (to be laid before Parliament tomorrow) impose restrictions which have not yet been published; we do however believe this is unlikely.
Detecting with the people you live with, and with your support bubble, is permitted. Alternatively an individual may detect with 1 person from another household whilst maintaining social distancing. However this is only permitted if within your local area. A short journey from your home is allowed, ideally you should walk or cycle.
Group digs are prohibited.
We strongly recommend checking with your landowner that they are happy for you to detect on their land at this time. Please wear gloves and take all necessary precautions to keep yourselves and others safe.
The law on reporting items under the Treasure Act 1996 remains unchanged and so items must still be reported, by email or phone, within 14 days. Other items to be recorded with the Portable Antiquities Scheme should be bagged, with the find spot, and held until your local Finds Liaison Officer (FLO) is able to meet with you again. Any hoards or historically important deposits should, where the find spot is secure, be back filled and left. Your FLO can be contacted for advice if this isn’t possible.
Our advice for detecting in Wales (published 23 October) remains unchanged. Advice on Scotland and Northern Ireland will be updated if additional restrictions are announced.
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