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Tarnished Silver

Have you found silver that is heavily tarnished? Don't worry it'll soon vanish in no time. Ok, make sure that it isn't classed as "treasure trove", if it is then don't clean it until it has been disclaimed. Once disclaimed you may then proceed to clean as follows. Select a container big enough to hold the item(s) you wish to clean.
Line the bottom of your container with tinfoil (aluminum foil) shiny side facing upwards. Add all your tarnished silver and sprinkle approx a cup of baking soda (less required for small items), add boiling water to cover the item(s). You will soon notice a smell of sulphur (or rotten eggs), when your silver looks much cleaner empty the water and use a soft clean cloth to buff up your silver. Job done !

Whatever you do, please do not polish up your hammered coin(s) as this will devalue what they are worth uncleaned. Buyers want to see coins in their orignal state "as found" with patina, muck and dirt still intact.  Rubbing coins will scratch them because of minute grains of sand in the soil.

Blackpool Beach Tide Times

These are guidelines only to maximise your detecting times at Blackpool and Bullet beach. If you're between the piers sand starts to show roughly 2-2 n half hours after high tide.... If you're on bullet beach then about an hour after high tide before it starts to retreat. The tide height in meters also affects the times if its a low tide height for Bullet beach the tide doesn't come all the way in. Below are two photos, one of bullet beach and the main beaches. The best locations where to detect are highlighted on these photos, please be mindful of the tides, they come in rapidly.

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