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Farmer Rob

On Sunday, 20/5/18, a farmer came across us on our dig. Excited to
have found us, he asked Scott for our help. Not wishing for him to be
disappointed re time constraints, Geoff & Sue offered to go and help
him trace the path of his water pipes on his farm, which he had been
searching for, for months.

Good news - Geoff & Sue managed to find the source of the cast iron
water pipers laid in the 1930s and traced them all the way up the
hillside to  the fresh water source, which was fed  by terracotta
pipes laid in the early 20th century.

They were given a private view of all the work he is doing to both his
farmhouse and the grounds which will be used for abandoned donkeys,
dogs and various animals.

Rob was overjoyed with the find and has now offered us permission
across his land.
He reiterated he may not have found copper or silver,  but today he
acquired liquid gold.

The terracotta well source, hidden for years
under thick growth and grass.
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